It was (not necessarily) better before!

Who remembers the good old days when Representatives were knocking at your door on a Saturday morning to sell Encyclopedias?
Entering the house of an interested person did not necessarily mean that a deal was closed, and there was absolutely no customer feedback.
Nowadays, the modern Representative comes with his or her brand-new tablet and offers you exactly what you need. In addition, during the sale process, the Sales Rep discretely notes each and every one of your reactions on the topic, presentation or product at hand. During their next visits, their speech will be more and more accurate and aligned with your expectations… What a coincidence!
So, what exactly changed since the “good old days”?

Closed Loop Marketing with Veeva CRM

Switching to the Customer Experience era naturally implies adapting to new techniques such as personal branding or intelligent outbound marketing. Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) is one of these.

CLM is a marketing strategy development process that is deployed through one or several channels to reach customers. The main goal is to efficiently understand the market, to identify what is working and what isn’t, to deliver the right message to customers, and to get feedback on how they felt about it.

This feedback will be analyzed and then sent back to the customer where the message perception will be retrieved again. There is no coincidence when our super Sales Rep returns to their client with a more specific and targeted message

When you use Closed Loop Marketing, the best practice is to couple it with a Customer Database (CRM) and a Content Management System (CMS). This is where Veeva CRM and Veeva Vault come into play!

Veeva CRM / Veeva Vault: what’s this?

The Veeva CRM solution is based on the platform. Created for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, Veeva enables companies to manage end to end Customer Experience.

Veeva’s Vault solution combines medical Representative’s documents management with CLM deployed on multimedia mobile devices to health care professionals.

These two cloud solutions are integrated with the Veeva iRep mobile app. This allows the Representative equipped with a mobile device to enjoy CLM features, and present products and services easily, and furthermore validate client feedback during every step. Collected information will then be analyzed to improve the next marketing message. In addition, Veeva Vault’s document management (CMS) enables Sales Rep to have the latest approved versions of promotional material at their disposal.

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