A streamlined adoption plan and new way of working initiated for a global pharmaceutical group

SunTseu Life Sciences set up an effective change management plan to improve the adoption level of a Veeva CRM solution. At the same time SunTseu enabled the client to standardize sales processes, presenting key opportunities for the adoption of CRM best practices. These initiatives enabled an overall enhancement in the maturity of business processes, in a CRM context, and initiated a new way of working that evangelized their Veeva CRM solution whilst maximizing returns on investment.

The Context

Our client operates in 40 countries across EMEA and works in partnership with local governments to ensure patients can benefit from their therapies. Our client had deployed Veeva CRM five years ago throughout the EMEA region but unfortunately there was a disappointing level of adoption in a number of countries. The business were not fully engaged at the early stage of the implementation process and the solution did not address all key local business needs. In addition, there was no effective change management plan in place.

The Clients Objectives

In this context, the client required assistance in the set-up of a global change management plan for the definitive relaunch of their Veeva CRM solution. Our client engaged SunTseu Life Science to assess the maturity level in the use of Veeva and to provide a clear communication plan. They needed help to harmonize business processes and develop a streamlined core model that would satisfy the global business needs. They also needed to relieve the problems of data quality and ensure compliance with the pharmaceutical regulation.

Our Approach: Change management plan

SunTseu Life Science set-up a streamlined change management plan in the EMEA region that took into account compliance, local cultural and process challenges. We started by measuring the adoption of the Veeva solution that was critical in preparing and managing a successful relaunch. From this perspective, we launched a CRM adoption tour throughout the EMEA region and identified key Veeva users with whom to engage and put together a dedicated team within the client’s business. In this way, we easily identified the global business processes and local challenges in each country. We also provided a communication plan that would engaged all business stakeholders. We advised our client on the appropriate use and further development of a built-in, compliant core model. At the same time, we optimized the release management process and provided change management tools to evangelize their Veeva CRM solution. This new way of working initiated and enabled the sharing of best practices, allowing SunTseu Life Sciences to renew the implementation of Veeva CRM, to the satisfaction of the client.

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