What are the tendencies in the life science commercial arena that enable cutting edge technology solutions to facilitate disruptive commercial advantages?

With the rapid pace of Life Science business innovation technological advancement delivering an “always connected” world of convenience, we are all becoming much more exigent in our expectations of what technology can deliver.  Whether it be online shopping or ordering a taxi (or rather an Uber), we have become used to an excellence and an immediacy of services that until recently did not exist.

Recognizing the technological trend that “just good enough” isn’t in fact good enough at all, why then are commercial and medical information needs not being universally fulfilled in the life science sector?  This is even more surprising when it’s clear that some of the busiest and hard working people in our society are health care professionals.

The 2016 Veeva European Commercial summit is one of the largest European events attended by commercial and medical professionals in the region.  Matthew Wallach President and co-founder of Veeva Systems inc, clearly presented the above question during his keynote speech and further went on to detail how Veeva products and services are now able to enable the best Customer eXperience through their fully integrated offerings.

Where then is the wave of change? Roadblocks in the industry exist. The life science business innovation sector, culturally, has a long standing embedded way of working and interacting with the healthcare community that is rather homogeneous across the sector.  In addition, transparency and compliance rules tend to put the emphasis on meeting legislation rather than taking a disruptive approach to what is, at the end of the day, delivering the best care possible for patients.

If encouraged to think differently it is possible to make bold moves to deliver an excellent customer eXperience, whilst completely satisfying transparency and compliance obligations.  Delegates from a top ten pharmaceutical company, presented their own deployment case study during the summit. Having taken the bold decision to not remunerate healthcare professionals in order to interact with them in a commercial context they neatly removed all need to satisfy transparency rules, with respect to transfer of value, to healthcare professionals. This has cleared the way to ensuring that their sales and marketing departments, enabled by innovative Veeva functionality, can provide relevant and compliant information, immediately and through multiple channels.

The message is clear, in a world where technology is proven to be the enabler of disruption, there is no time to waste in adopting the best of breed tools already in place to enable that disruption.

At SunTseu Lifescience we specialize in delivering innovative solutions using Veevas product suite. Our aim is to enable an excellent end to end Customer eXperience, through innovative advisory and change management consultancy, project delivery and support services.

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