Our identity – Industry specialist

The Life Science sector presents unique needs for actors that do not fit a traditional client profile. The SunTseu Life Science Team possesses industry specific consultancy expertise fashioned from experience in addressing the particular needs of this sector.

our identity industry specialist

This expertise is often solicited, to resolve our customers challenges in the context of transparency legislation, segmentation & targeting, compliance & business performance.
Our Objective is to help our clients empower their sales forces with innovative solutions that have immediate impact on their business.
Our team have experience in delivering projects for the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, and has expertise in sales force effectiveness solutions, consulting services, IT project management, change management, data insights and support and maintenance of these solutions.

Because we understand all our clients’ challenges through the life sciences value chain, our solutions are developed to enhance value in each link of this chain. To achieve this, innovation is always at the center of the services we deliver to our clients.

What is important for our clients is important for us : Our goal is to deliver the best personalized experience for you and the needs of all those stakeholders you address, to ensure that ultimately the therapies and products you provide deliver the best patient outcomes.

Rich in over 15 years’ experience, SunTseu has provided solutions for some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies around the world across EMEA and U.S.A regions.

What we believe in

SunTseu Life Sciences is built on four engagements

Deliver on our promises

We are committed to deliver the results we have promised to our customers for their entire satisfaction.

Be your partner

To drive your success, we are ready to be your best partner and help you define your needs and implement your projects.

Provide specific expertise

We take careful consideration of your needs and objectives in order to adapt our expertise to your strategy.

Provide innovative solutions

We will take advantage of the innovations that we detect and implement them so that you stay ahead of your competitors.

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