Today, we are proud to be a Veeva partner and our priority is to accompany Life Science companies in their IT transformations and business strategy evolutions. We take full consideration of your needs and deliver on our commitments. Our Veeva certified experts are here to help you implement your projects and improve your sales force’s performance. As a Veeva partner, we are convinced that each of the Veeva cloud-based solutions can be an advantage to your business:

Veeva CRM & CLM is the cloud-based solution designed to reach your customers on multiple channels. It provides your reps with an efficient system to capture HCP information accurately and build relevant analysis. With Veeva CRM your field reps can access this platform anywhere and anytime, you can engage with all type of customers, coordinate your events, plan face-to-face meetings, send compliant content, control online interactions, … All through an account based model to structure and access any information quickly.

Veeva Vault

Veeva Vault is Veeva’s solution for your regulated content management with a compliant content management system. An intuitive interface for your content, data and workflows hosted on certified global data centers. With Vault you can quickly and easily create new solutions, manage all types of content, collect data insights, control access and monitor all user activities while following compliance and security requirements.

To manage your data flow between different systems and be sure that your data will stay accurate through your systems, Veeva Network is the customer cloud-based master data solution. Integrated with Veeva CRM, Network allows you to access all HCP information, with easy-to-use custom dashboards and reporting while ensuring data quality. You can manage your data on a single platform from everywhere in the world.

Veeva Network
Veeva OpenData

A strong database is essential to reach all HCOs and HCPs in your business, Veeva OpenData provides a global customer database. With cross verification from specific sources such as local, authoritative public information sources and with the intervention of expert data stewards, you can be sure to get the latest updates on HCP, HCO and affiliations data.

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